Are there alternatives to happiness?

Most people, after they need to shake up, revel in some feelings, feel better, choose a surrogate for feelings in the shape of delicious meals, alcohol, television series, movie, book, funny motion pictures inside the social community feed. All of these are methods to speedy receive feelings via escape from fact. This is a great way to sense higher due to the fact it’s far guaranteed and quick, however it allows you not to experience life, however as a substitute, at the opposite, to escape from it and enjoy some thing that has nothing to do along with your immediate fact. It, similar to the intellectual hang-up inside the past and the future, permits you to escape from the problems of the prevailing and create for your self, albeit synthetic however assured pleasure.

How to be happy and enjoy life

The drawback of this type of surrogate is that when you stay it, your lifestyles does now not circulate, you seem to get out of it for some time. The simplest trade that keeps to manifest in your lifestyles right now is that it’s far slowly but really coming to an end.

Giving up your own lifestyles in prefer of a short and assured surrogate for nice feelings is any other cause for the shortage of actual pleasure for your existence. Every time choosing favor of dwelling your actual-existence and looking to get feelings from it, out of your reality – this is the pleasant manner to be a happy character and clearly enjoy life.


Your real lifestyles is your work, verbal exchange with buddies, family, colleagues. Spend time with kids and loved ones. Go in for sports activities, commit time to your interests and hobbies. Paintings on yourself, for your outer and internal world. Stay the instant, enjoy it. To be in it, to be in it.

As a psychologist, I assist you to get rid of addictions – the ones very surrogates of joy – alcohol, cigarettes, television suggests, social networks, dependence on every other man or woman. A majority of these approaches to get away from reality run the hazard of becoming addicted due to the simple and so easy feeling of happiness that they give.

Both the first and second approaches of escaping truth are two fundamental barriers in your pleasure. I already wrote at the beginning of the thing that joy is an emotion of the present. It can most effective be skilled by being mentally here and now. Consequently, whilst you regret the beyond or fantasize approximately the future, you may now not be capable of enjoy lifestyles and feature a honest hobby in it. The second – methods to keep away from lifestyles – can come up with glad moments, however they may not be real. For instance, searching again at your lifestyles when you are 70 years old, you’ll no longer remember the moments while you overjoyed your self with scrumptious meals, drank, or watched tv suggests. You may take into account the moments you loved to your actual lifestyles.

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