Signs that your body is crying for help

There are numerous motives why we’re sick, but what to do while pills do now not paintings and doctors can not diagnose? The examination indicates that the whole thing is in order in the frame, and the frame offers a sign of soreness and ache. Perhaps the cause of such ache is a connection with suppressed negative stories – psychosomatics. The frame attempts to attract interest to the trouble thru pain. Svetlana Ryabova, a social paintings specialist on the Pechatniki circle of relatives center, tells us how to get to the bottom of the indicators that come from our frame, what to do with them.

Understand the reasons

Natalya and her teenage daughter became to the circle of relatives middle “Pechatniki”. Their relationship did no longer move well, my mother was continuously on her nerves, in a verbal exchange with a psychologist, the woman complained of common complications after quarrels together with her daughter, a damaged country.

Professionals helped Natalya figure out what her frame signals had been speakme approximately, gave several guidelines for growing self-regulation and rest capabilities. The female felt tons lighter. Oddly enough, own family conflicts additionally stopped, as Natalya stopped nagging her daughter, and her physical condition improved.

What diseases of different parts of the body want to say

It takes place that a person has painful sensations in certain situations: for instance, in advance or coronary heart starts to hurt after a quarrel with cherished ones. Examination by way of docs does not display any abnormalities. In this case, we are speaking about the psychological causes of pain. If someone can pay attention to those alerts, analyzes and changes the scenario, they bypass. If not, then over time they grow to be real illnesses.

Vision is a imaginative and prescient of the arena. Any sicknesses related to imaginative and prescient, realize the choice to close our eyes to the world around us. 90% of instances stand up from everyday

conflicts in the circle of relatives or at paintings.
With our ears, we listen the arena. Listening to issues explicit a reluctance to pay attention from others. Frequently “ideal” daughters are unwell, who every day pay attention to commands from their mother and do not dare to contradict her. Or other halves who’re constantly humiliated by means of their husbands.

The throat is accountable for speech. If we’ve got problems with the throat and nose, it means that we can’t explicit some thing in our existence or did not protest.

The respiration organs are responsible for the capacity to stay lifestyles to the fullest, to respire deeply. If you regularly restrict yourself to what you need, expect bronchitis or his comrades.

Coronary heart. Heart issues most usually arise in emotional people who generally tend to take things too individually. Also, troubles inside the heart vicinity indicate a loss of joy and love, self belief inside the need for steady tension, and stress.

The digestive tract (stomach and intestines) reacts to the “digestion of mind”, which expresses the inability to digest some thing, to address some thing, and are available to phrases. The digestive tract is likewise liable for fear.

The backbone is the aid of the body. In case you do now not sense the aid of loved ones, then problems with the backbone will not hold you waiting long. Do no longer drag the whole lot on your self, seek help from cherished ones, and lifestyles will become less difficult.

Toes bring us through lifestyles. Consequently, issues with legs mean uncertainty approximately the destiny, lack of desires in lifestyles, volatile monetary state of affairs, and unwillingness to move somewhere. This consists of troubles with varicose veins, joint pain, knee ache.

Leather is what we display to the sector. It protects your persona. Consequently, the faces of insecure ladies are often strewn with purulent pimples. Hence, the protection mechanism is caused. But in a scenario with the pores and skin, a variant of internal suppressed aggression and dissatisfaction with existence is also viable.

Diseases of the girl genital organs (uterus, ovaries, breasts) are constantly associated with the connection with the father, reputation of their femininity, and dating along with her husband.

Practice “I and my pain”

That is a easy practice so as to assist you to paintings with ache, no matter which a part of the body is soliciting for assist. It’s going to not update a go to to the medical doctor, however it’s going to help you understand what is the cause. This in flip will promote restoration and healing. The practice of running with pain or a painful situation is carried out in line with the subsequent plan:

At the first degree, you want to in reality apprehend, pick out the signs and symptoms. How does your ache appear itself, in what situations does it stand up?

You want to pick out yourself and the symptom. The symptom is me. That is the concept of ​​integrity. That is: “The cough is me. The pain in my leg is me. ”

Now we begin to analyze the symptom as a message: what needs and reports are frozen for your symptom, for your infection? To whom is the message addressed? For instance: “i am coughing because I need to explicit a poor attitude closer to my spouse and father.”

Think about whether there are more effective approaches to meet your want than illness? What are you able to do in this situation?

This technique may be used the use of the empty chair approach, while we mentally sit down the diseased a part of the body on an empty chair, ask it questions, then sit down in this empty chair and answer our question from the role of a diseased organ. Consequently, you could set up a reference to this part of the body and apprehend the causes of pain. Then think about what you could do to take away the psychosomatic symptom or pain, how you can enhance the situation. From time to time, consciousness and internal operating out of terrible feelings which have been suppressed result in a extensive improvement in the condition.

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